As members of  Engage 2.0  We work together as a team on individual client contracts. This way the organisation is able to access a wider range of expertise from individual members who are highly skilled in web 2.0 or magazine production. The have all been picked as a result of outstanding knowledge and successful delivery of the final product in their respective areas  of print or digital and competencies.


The core team is made up of  professional and part -time writers, webineers, journalists, editors and graphic designers. While working on their own personal projects or at their respective part -time jobs, the team members make themselves available through the group calendar working individually or as a best -fit team .


Most  of our clients are dotted across Western Europe, USA and Canada. They are referals from various business networks  or project groups in need of short or long term solutions to their  media publishing needs. The company operates primarily in London, New York, France and Canada working with a remote team globally, with an extended network of skilled practitioners we are able to collaborate and deliver work on a global scale

Joanna Nicholson
Copywriter, SEO specialist
Sandy Blackler
Digital marketer
Sola Akinfie
Founder, Digital Project Manager
​​​Engage 2.0
Zachery Williams
UX Specialist, games designer
Danna Booker Wade
Social media guru
Eva Holverie
Web designer, Web marketing
Rob Agnew
Digital art
Joanna Nicholson
Copywriter, Blogger,Columnist
Lou Akin
Games games designer.

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