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Slightly over animated but quite jolly most of the time. Do use at arms length as item tends to be a bit too touchy - feely but otherwise harmless. Does tend to stick to people like velcro. Great potential as a children's birthday entertainer thanks to it’s cartoon - like characteristics and booming laughter. Skills in the kitchen are questionable, use sparingly. Easily recognisable with distinct features. Well - rounded jellyfish eyes. Good work history with years of TV  appearances.


product condition: Portly and rotund these days thanks to time spent in the kitchen. Not really busy on the telly these days either. Currently trying to flog own branded tatty kitchen appliances and sauces. Undetermined sexual orientation. Close to sell by date but still comes with celebrity status - at least by UK standards. While TV chef opportunities may have dried up, this item is certainly available for any senseless celebrity reality show. Buyer may need to support the desperately needed upgrade of cooking skills


Returns /Delivery: Item dispatch through illegal minicab, insurance not included. No returns, item is sold as seen.  






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