A sincere apology

We would like to express our sincere apologies to other pointless celebs not included in the Ebay listing. There are a number of reasons why we have chosen to exclude you.


Common reasons are: celeb profile deemed too boring or safe to provide any form of witty jibes or smearing or celebrity rating deemed too low for categorisation or public recognition.


We will however endeavour to include much more lower level celebrities not seen in the first edition. If you feel we have mistakenly left you out or believe you qualify as a celebrity worthy of ridicule we welcome your request. We will however, not use any form of information or profile images you provide should we decide to include you. The content for your Ebay listing is solely decided and created by us alone.




A special thanks

I would like to say a big thanks to all the  D and Z list celebs for making our work so easy to achieve. Reality stars deserve a special thanks - you have put yourselves up on the public domain and aired your dirty smalls for all to see or for publicity to benefit your so-called talentless careers. Listing your attributes on our Ebay pages has been such a joy and a painless process. We urge you to carry on in the same fashion thereby making it a tad easier to put together material in our future publications.

Unfair descriptions and written profiles

We believe in fair play and will not include individuals who have not put themselves in the public spotlight. Please feel free to send us any form of correct information if you believe our opinions on your descriptions or current conditions as stated in the listings are unfair, incomplete or incorrect.


Should there be a death or serious decline in the health or well-being of a listed individual included in the book, we will respectfully remove their profile from the content to avoid any form of disrespect which may be construed as humour in bad taste to the memory or condition of such celebrity.  Should such an inclusion be published within the book, this would be content included and published before such an unfortunate situation may have occurred. We will respectfully remove the celebrity from the list should this occur before the book goes to the print stage.


This publication is not designed to maliciously contribute to the loss of earnings or personal grief to any celebrity listed. The content is purely opinion based, light - hearted and exaggerated for effect.


There is no intended influence, suggestion or opinion regarding any celebrity presently involved in any form of legal dispute with the law of the land:  at the time of publishing this list of celebrities.

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