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Susan Boyle




Item description: Rotund and dowdy wild card - made in Scotland and sold by The X Factor. This product may not conform to the showbiz requirement for good looks, however, the item does offer a bit of singing talent a tad above average. The item has a number of accolades including biggest debut album sales in the UK amongst others. Despite being described as a one hit wonder, this product has defied the laws of music success with a resulting number of songs and albums as worldwide hits.


Item condition: Appears larger than life, literally! This product is surprisingly well known in the UK and abroad thanks to skillfull marketing and a fake expression of surprise by maker  - Simon Cowell which launched it’s career. As a result of fame fatigue and the effects of a new fishbowl life, this product has developed slight defects to it’s mental well being, hence the lowered price. Use with caution as product tends to exhibit strange and scary mannerisms, desperately in need of some sort of intimate relationship or mental reconfiguration.

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