Created by sola akinfie and published by FakeMedia INC.

Welcome to the new world order where our social characters have been completely re-influenced by a new way of radical thinking.

The new world is a place of huge tech advancement despite extreme recession and struggle. It is the year 2050. we live in a new Orwellian government system where borders and movement is managed by powerful sector administrators and spineless presidents. See what your current government would be like in the future, scary stuff!​

Daily future Is a free newspaper which will be available to pick up at convenience stores and other retail outlets including hand distribution starting from London and then the rest of the country. The idea here is to create a fake newspaper with real consciousness suggesting the positive or negative consequences of what we do or beleive in today. Even the advertising is made up of futuristic spoof ads from popular brands we use today.


Production and distribution is mainly funded by the supporting public or related organisations. 

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