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Sir Elton John




Item condition: This item is quite the precious Mary. Made in Pinner West London and a highly sought after product of the 80s and 90s in the UK and abroad. Slight wig/follicle complication may be the cause for an appearance similar to a tipsy bespectacled clown. Exposure to posh plonk and grub has rendered the item roundish and tubby, a far cry from the original design. Activities and functions highly reduced in relation to age. Handle with prima-donna care as item tends to get a hissy fit  at the drop of a hat.

Product description: Highly respected product with great resale value. This sort of product is rarity these days. Worldwide fan base included. High standard quality marks by way of 5 Grammies and 5 Brit awards amongst other quality marks. Should retain value in years to come thanks to a vast back catalogue. Noted functions include piano paying, composing and singing. Users are urged to exercise caution as the top part of the head may be lost like a ‘candle in the wind’. Outdoor usage should be kept to a minimum especially on windy days.

Delivery/returns: For despatch: Buyer pays for carriage transportation and bespoke packaging in Pink Teflon bag complete with coloured bubble wrap padding or velvet cushion padding.  


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