We have been in the publishing business for over 9 years and have been involved in magazine design and content production with our own title as well as a host of other client publications . We have an experienced and creative writing, design and editing team that can develop or improve your magazine production. We also design visuals such  as bespoke infographics, data charts and other research based visuals to suit the theme and direction of your articles or reports.


We cover the creation of most categories for publishing on print or digital platforms be it ​b2b, internal publications or consumer titles.

​We are quite entrenched in contract publishing and able to deliver quality design and editorial on almost any type of sector or industry titles. We are
able to do this by putting together a team of researchers, contributors, editors, writers and graphics people all with variable core skills or knowledge as close as possible to your publication type or genre.


Our team of writers and journalists can deliver production titles adapting content to geographical readership with the help of associate writers and editors from Europe and America.


Magazine consulting services 

We use our own past project and client experience to advise on income generating content, revenue strategy and even distribution management and production costs for print or digital launches.

We extend our long years of expertise in the industry to the development of new or existing magazine titles. We are able to work with clients to revamp the strength of content as well as consult on tried and tested readership acqisition schemes. This also includes readership engagement and strength of content.


We are particularly good at creating attractive sponsorship packages and content collaborations as secondary income streams where external activities connected to the business can create opportunities to extend your publication as a brand beyond the printed pages.  


Our team of specialists will appraise your content plan and advise on seamless revenue generating inclusions beyond the sale of advertising. A number of new titles are able to get it right the first time round. This saves time and money in terrms of strategic measures.


Printing solutions

While we are not exactly printers, we do have access to those that offer the best value for money. We have hand picked small and large volume print operators to service client needs. These include web and lithographic printing on various paper types. We also have a number of European printers who can offer cheaper prices without a compromise on quality by working with them directly.



Our services are available to small startup organizations as well as large multinationals. We are specifically skilled at delivering magazine production services to new or or existing small and medium sized operators.








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