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Nigel Farage




Item condition: A tried and tested UKIP product - This Item is a bona fide right wing git with lots of energy. Comes with a national nuisance rating of 9. Operating system is not compatible in Europe and can only function under UK specifications. On the plus side - item is capable of injecting life into boring everyday politics despite the nuisance factor. Highly corrosive and controversial. Powered by a warped ego, gleeful notoriety and Greene King IPA  - a real man’s ale.


Item description: Self - certified top end man of the people. Publicly described as a self- centred ageing git. Quite media savvy.Works best in a hostile environment and thrives on his love for notoriety. Leadership skills included but requires sole spotlight attention not to be shared. A recommended weekly dose of newspaper coverage is the most effective means to achieve optimal functioning capacity. User caution: Keep at arm's length, over exposure to item may result in acute nausea and disorientation.


Delivery/returns: Cannot deliver to buyers outside the UK. This item is British for British buyers only. will consider free delivery to US buyers with added discount to members of the Trump administration.There is no designated returns policy in place. Seller reserves the right to ignore any returns requests for obvious reasons.


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