Outsourcing opportunities

We are able to work with premium web developers to offer their new and current clients a professional digital magazine (or print) to complement their existing website. The benefits which are obvious in regards to improved user/customer brand engagement, new product campaigns and the quest for new customers. Magazines are consumed quite differently from websites, brand enhancement will certainly benefit from a professionally created magazine which does have much more of an engagement impact compared to weekly or monthly newsletters.


Our digital magazine can be produced as a bespoke package or a syndicated re-brand to fit with the clients business type or marketing needs. The potential income working with our web design partners is a lucrative revenue split usually split  70 /30% . in some cases higher in our partner resellers favour.
Ready made opportunities
These are publications weve prepared that are ready to be syndicated or client branded as a sole publication.
The Browser Magazine
( An entertaining and informative guide to the internet and smart phone apps
Fitness world ( A content heavy guide to fitness and food for healthy living
African Expo ( A tourism and small business expo for showcasing African countries, )
Browser Business - A non-technical magazine related to making money in the dotcom world.
Syndicated magazines
70 -80% of content is replicated. The rest carries clients own content which includes product or service intro, special deals, advertising page display and users forum or letters.Bespoke magazines are not shared content, they are completely produced for a client business. They can be monetized with a price tag if required. All advertising revenue goes to the client .
Sales and marketing vehicle
With the technological advancement and popularity of digital magazines, we are able to produce weekly or monthly titles for almost any type of business irrespective of size or location . The magazines produced are used as customer lead communication and a tool to up sell or cross sell additional goods or services, a much more effective alternative to a simple newsletter. Content is carefully put together to feed interest, and act as an entertaining or informative media with a soft sell angle. The magazines are also used to engage prospective customers by feeding an interest and promoting the clients sign up incentives. .
Available platforms
Print and distribution by hand or free magazine slots (London/UK)
Digital - Tablets, Smartphone, desktop
Monetizing the client’s publication
Some client publications have a defined market size where the magazine can be extended to potential readers as a paid title, either by payment gateways for downloads or yearly subscriptions, or as a print magazine sold through national distributors. We are able to consult with you on these potential options and set in motion the full costing for distribution and marketing on and offline. In some cases, these magazines can serve a dual purpose, one to push the marketing efforts of the clients product or service, and the other as a secondary source of revenue which can be quite substantial depending on the genre of the title and more of distribution. Clients have the option to choose both print and digital , or one over the other.
Action plans
In a matter of a few weeks, we are able to call on our skilled design and editorial team with specific core skills in terms of publication genre or category to cater for any sort of contract publishing required. Additional support is added from our hand picked list of freelancers who are adept in their research and writing skills. This also includes researchers and journalists. Our service is not limited to any geographic location. Though most of our client caseload comes from within the UK and US.We will work with clients to produce an effective media pack, one that reflects various income generating choices put together on tried and tested ideas that becomes most attractive to advertisers seeking a measurable response.
This includes:
Coupon pages
Direct sales pages / Advertorials
Primary sponsors (title co branding)
Secondary sponsors ( regular sections)


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