The ten day business challenge

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Idea appraisals
Precise business plans
Compliance and legislation
Fund raising: Crowdfunding/ investor sourcing
Partnerships and alliances
On and offline creative marketing

We will show you how to launch a high standard.
website and engage traffic at very low costs .

Access the booming online freelance market .
Access low cost production.
Access to government support /funding.
Precision networking.
Financial forecasts and detailed costings.

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The course ends with
the pitching competition aired on pop up TV

Social media campaign

The organisation will use social media platforms of high traffic and reach to promote it's services to prospective participants. The 2 main areas of would be the increase of new sign ups and the engagement  and interactivity of current sign ups.
Twitter, Facebook and Instagram come to mind.

Using integrated systems such as Hootesuite - the all-in-one social tool to post related content to the chosen social media platforms simultaneously.


Using the insights of the comprehensive analytics to monitor the traffic and engagement thereby finding out what works in a bid to grow your audience. 

The campaign will use a call -to- action approach encouraging new and existing small business prospects to benefit from the courses designed as launch kits of great value. The use of Ning (customised social network template) will be advised, the idea here would be to grow a free member's club, a place for collaborations with an added discount club connected to signed up service providers. Basically, a platform that extends buying power to members. Signed up service provideers will include - accountants, web designers, SEO freelancers, printers and designers etc.

Social media content
Sticky and viral content encouraging the sharing of ideas and interactivity.


The calendar of events highlighting images/videos from past events will serve as content to encourage a greater participation. Promoting the event to meet the target number of visitors would need to have a reliable hook, the hook being a look at what the organisation has to offer beyond attending the events.


The approach to this is to begin a self running community of members, people benefiting from useful content and a reason for engagement, this will no doubt help sell the forthcoming events beyond a post on Eventbrite or so. 

Opinions and insights into the UK startup community

self run by connected members. Tools such as Outbrain and Opinion launch and tracking tool Polestar.

The content will also include business start up tips in the same vein as how-tos, this sort of content alongside the lighthearted side of business will all come from a list of scheduled posts created within the periodical content plan which can be altered depending on the traffic and engagement insights interpreted from insights and analytic reports.

There is a wealth of content from the crowdfunding community online, content that encourages entrepreneurship and collaborations as seen in Youtube product intros and the Kickstarter  community, PopUP Business School can also start and grow its own members intro videos which should help drive new and repeat traffic.

Target banner adverts
Twitter and Facebook PPC adverts would also be a major consideration,  using the demographic settings and launch elements the banner adverts can be targeted at the desired audience. Like all other campaign options, results will be monitored based on reach, time spent and events - action taken by audience. CPM can also be an option to explore and will be used in tandem with banner exchange networks.













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