Self assessment - authorise an agent.


You can authorise a new agent (Usually an accountant or bookeeper) to act on your behalf in connection with your Self Assessment affairs and this will overide your previous authorisation. (This will also include National Insurance, any current Tax Credit claims and if applicable, any employment records). Once authorised, it allows HM Revenue & customs (HMRC) to exchange information about your self Assessment affairs with your new agent or existing agent and to deal with them on any matters within the responsibilities of HMRC.


To authorise your agent online:


  • Your agent must be registered for HMRC's online services and 

  • have provided you with their Government Gateway Agent ID


Please complete the field below as applicable

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If you do not have your agent's Government Gateway ID there are alternative methods of authorising your agent




Alternative methods of authorising your agent

Document checklist for your agent

Your agent's responsibilities


Request Government Gateway ID from your agent


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Agent login 


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Request Government Gateway ID from your agent


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