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Item Description
An ITV product initially designed by BBC.This item wilfully fills the gap in the lack of presenter skills in British TV, may be oversubscribed despite a somewhat mediocre presence. Item does not come with tasty side kick Holly Willoughby. Item does offer extensive presenting experience, although there is a tendency to launch the odd gaff or unwise jibe to spice things up, this has unfortunately been on the increase lately. Described as excruciatingly boring and lacking charm. This item is very much available for more tv work or public engagements, will turn up at the opening of a fridge. Top star status as per UK standards. Works best as part of a duo.


Item condition:

A bit crusty due to overuse otherwise a jolly white haired good lad on the TV screen. Item is however beginning to show age in movement, reasoning and opinion. Suffers from slight effects of over - righteousness and self worth. Buyer warning - while the product may be a familiar face on on British TV there is a high chance he may come to his senses and actually retire once and for all. As the product has since surpassed its recommended years of operation even with little choice of replacement options the item may cease to function anytime without warning.


Cannot deliver to buyers outside the UK. This item is British for British buyers only. Free delivery to US buyers and added discount to members of

the current US government. There is no designated returns policy.Seller reserves the right to ignore any returns requests for obvious reasons.


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