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Starting bid £100m


Current bid £120m


Time remaining: End of ww3 possibly


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Item description: This macho magnifico from the East offers extreme leadership skills and unrivaled staying power. Certainly a personality at the helm with a taste for war mongering and botox sessions. Can be a bit naughty in its choice of allies. Item is not exactly a clear definition in terms of politics. There are hints of old communism re adapted to fit capitalist socialism with this one. Operates best in cold temperatures and a closed environment. True financial value is unclear but popular opinion suggests a personal wealth of biblical proportions. Buyers should use with caution, over-exposure may lead to loss of freedom or life.


Item condition: Great working condition, operates in fearsome bold strides with a cold gaze to match.This is very much an independent product that functions on it’s own operating system. Ex Bond Villain, ex KGB official straight out of a spy novel with the looks and the antics to fit the profile perfectly. The product also has multiple skills as a hunter,horse rider, puppet master and bare chested tiger wrestling action man. Also described as The Russian Renegade. Item is powered by crude oil and Siberian Vodka.        


Delivery /returns: Authorised buyer collects from Red Square at own risk. Any requests on the return of said item needs to be granted permission from the politburo.





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