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Web copy
We beleive in visuals working in harmony with words. It's been our mainstay approach from the start. Calling on our creative digital copy writers and talented graphic designers, we are able to consistently produce content your website needs to sell it's services or product, inform, train or entertain your audience. We have an extensive list of writers who deliver content based on their indvual core skills or areas of expertise and knowledge.
If you need to  keep your web visitors as regulars or prompt a desired action such as watching a promo video, signing up to a membership or sharing content with friends the words or visual content needs to be direct, genuine and persuasive without the oversell. Content that delivers with minmal bounce.
Before we go into search engine strategy and execution, we make sure the raw content has teeth. The idea being to attract traffic and ensure repeat visits with high time-on-page  engagement.  We also specialise in converting visitors into contributors and sharers. It's all about sticky or attention grabbing web copy that works to establish your share of the web user traffic. Engage 2.0 is fully functional with the ability to help you access and distribute quality  traffic  
Search Engine Optimisation
Our SEO expertise remains highly effective as we keep abreast of changing rules and  the latest additions to ranking criteria set by Google , Bing and the like. We also keep in touch with user search trends and popular search query.  We use the most effective tools that offer granular data which helps in keyword, link building and page performance. We start with an SEO web audit diagnosing low performing web presence and a solution plan to help you achieve higher ranking and search query relevance.
We report on real time competitor analysis within your sector or market, using detailed metrics and dimensions to identify areas in need of attention. Looking through keyword, general content or link strategy that has worked for competitors or similar businesses, we are able to help enhance your PPC or CPM campaigns with a view to precission targetting offering savings when it comes to relevant click throughs, reduction of bounce rates and non - converters.
Our SEO strategy works with a balance between high quality traffiand high volume  . We deliver  traffic campaigns with measurable target driven results from your website to other digital channels  or social networks  creating opportunities to amplify your content with far reaching tentacles.

Content manager services
A great way to make significant savings while gaining access to the most effective content material that commands quality traffic. This service offers  a  great alternative to hiring an internal digital content manager, or web editor in terms of costs and a real focus to tasks. We allocate clients with an account and project manager with access to designers programmers and SEO specialists who are able to plan and deliver a set or ongoing  content management service. Regular reports are generated and translated to easy jargon free insights which enables easier decision making for our clients.
In some cases, outsourcing your web content production to an organisation such as ours not only frees client time, but it also offers you access to Engage 2.0. A mix of hand - picked  graphic designers and copywriters who have been recognised for their achievements, highly skilled in creative and well informed writing. We work well together like a well oiled machine, with outstanding results from an extensive list of high ranking clientele.
Email /newsletter campaigns
We create great landing pages to compliment effective email content with a view to higher CTR. Especially effective for  ecommerce sales or services promotion, we devise powerful content to achieve agreed user goals. Downloads, video views or sharing your material are all target events we are skilled to help you realise through content from emails, newsletters  or social media postings. We can create the content and we can measure it's effect with detailed reports full of intepreted data that is clear and concise without the jargon.
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